South Sudan Scholarships 2022/2023


Are you a South Sudan student looking for financial aid to pursue your academic dream? South Sudan scholarships 2022/2023, grants, and financial aids are available for Sudanese and other African students to study abroad. The South Sudan Officially known as the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country in East and Central Africa.

The Education in South Sudan is inspired by the education system of the Republic of Sudan. The Primary education consists of eight years, followed by four years of secondary education and four years of university education; The 8 + 4 + 4 system, in force since 1990.

South Sudan Scholarships 2022/2023
South Sudan Scholarships 2022/2023

About South Sudan Scholarships.

Miscellaneous Sudan and developing countries’ scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, master’s and postgraduate students and this government of Sudan also provide Sudan government scholarships. Most of these scholarships are fully sponsored while some are partly funded for both postgraduates and undergraduates for Bachelors degree, Masters degree, Ph.D and Fellowship.

And most of these scholarships are majorly funded by Sudan Government and private individuals in Sudan.

List of ongoing scholarships for South Sudan students 2022-2023

#. Scholarship for South Sudan and Ethiopia Students in Czech.

Government of the Czech Republic provides scholarships for South Sudan and Ethiopian students in the Czech Republic. The scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate, masters, and PhD degree level; and are provided to study in two languages-Czech or English. This scholarship provides necessary costs related to stay and study in the CR, the scholarship amount is regularly amended.

The current amount paid to students of a Bachelor’s, Master’s or follow-up Master’s study program stands at CZK 14,000 per month, whereas the amount paid to students of a Doctoral study program stands at CZK 15,000 per month.

Offering scholarships to citizens from developing countries for studies at Czech public Higher Education Institutions (“HEIs”) is an important part of the foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic (“CR”) with a long tradition. Since the late 1950s until the present day, over 21,500 foreign nationals have completed their studies at Czech HEIs with a scholarship of the Government of the CR.

Application Procedure

  • It shall be filled in using Roman letters, if possible in English or in Czech;
  • The assigned application identification number shall be stated in the upper right-hand corner;
  • A photo (45 mm x 35 mm) shall be printed or glued in a designated place;
  • All boxes shall be completely and truthfully filled in pursuant to instructions that accompany each box;
  • The applicant shall pay special attention to the content of a box entitled “Motivational Letter” in which s/he shall briefly describe his/her expectations in terms of the future studies, practical application of learning, and benefit for the country that has nominated him/her;
  • A printed copy of the application form shall be signed by the applicant with his/her own hand.

Apply Here now:


#. Nokia Foundation 2022 Visiting Professor Scholarships

The Grants for Nokia Visiting Professors are given to distinguished foreign professors to work in Finland, or to the deserving Finnish professors working at respected foreign

universities in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) The minimum period for the visit is two months.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must receive a commitment statement from his/her principal supervisor, who must be a professor, docent, or senior scientist at the university at which the student is pursuing their degree
  • Applicants must be an international student.
  • Applicants must have completed their Bachelors & Master’s degree program

Apply here:

#. Fully Funded Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships 2022

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are high-level and integrated study program, at master level. Erasmus Mundus are designed and delivered by an international partnership of higher education institutions, the EMJM involves at least three HEIs from three different countries, of which at least two must be EU M.

Apply here: Fully Funded Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships 2022/2023.

#. Northumbria University UK 2022 EU/International Alumni Scholarship

Northumbria University is one of the top ten universities in UK, for the number of graduates entering professional employment and nine out of ten of our graduates are working or

studying six months after graduation. This institution was ranked 21st out of 111 universities in the 2014 Times Higher Education Student Satisfaction Survey. Northumbria university is currently offering the Postgraduate Scholarship for students from UK, EU and International Alumni, awarding a fee discount on the Full-Time Global Sustainable Business Management MSc program in September 2022.

Requirements for Northumbria University Masters Scholarship Qualification

  • Applicant should be a Northumbria University current student or Alumni, or an Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences current student or Alumni.
  • All applicants should apply to study on our Global Sustainable Business Management MSc beginning in September 2022 at the Amsterdam campus and be in receipt of an offer
  • Applicant should meet the conditions and accept your university offer.

Apply here:

Turkey Scholarship 2022 for Sudanese Students

The Turkish government have started receiving online applications from Sudanese students from January 10, 2021, to February 20, 2022. The Turkey Scholarship will help you gain broad learning opportunities in qualified Turkish Universities.


This Turkey Scholarship is offered only to international students who will study in Turkish universities and their cost of education with living expenses will also be covered by the Turkey Government. The

Turkey Universities offer almost all disciplines and all levels of study: Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degree.


Coverage of Turkish Scholarship for Sudanese

The Turkey Scholarship benefits include fully funded education and cover all costs of your study at Turkish University, which will be paid by the Turkish Government to you in installments.

The selection criterion for Turkey Scholarships is as follows:

  • Diploma Grade
  • Average Grades
  • High School Graduation
  • University Entrance Exam Grade
  • CGPA
  • Letter of intent
  • International Test Score

Eligibility Criteria for Turkey Government Scholarship 2022-2023

The countries listed below are given preference for the Turkey Government Scholarship program in Turkey:

  • United States of America
  • Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Iceland
  • Germany
  • Myanmar
  • Pakistan
  • The United Arab Emirates

But this does not mean that any student in any country is entitled to receive this grant, also note that some countries are open only to graduate studies.

  • There is no age relaxation in the Turkey scholarship program
  • Candidates should not be born before January 1998, if applying for the undergraduate degree in a Turkish scholarship program.
  • Candidates should not be born before January 1989, for a Master’s degree if applying for a master’s degree in the Turkish scholarship program.
  • For Ph.D. scholarships, the required date is January 1984
  • For the Research program, the applicant must be born before 1974
  • 70% of the applicant is required to study at the university for an undergraduate
  • 75% of the applicant is required for master and doctoral degrees
  • A 90% degree is necessary for applicants to study in medical schools
  • Anyone who has Turkish citizenship or who has already acquired Turkish citizenship cannot run for these programs, and anyone who is already studying in Turkey cannot apply for these grants. Selected students must submit documents upon request., otherwise, they will not be entertained.
  • Turkey’s scholarship program is open to all citizens of the world who meet these conditions.

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DAAD in South Sudan

In South Sudan, the same scholarship programmes are available to qualified candidates as in any other country in the East Africa region and even though DAAD does not sponsor any postgraduate courses at a South Sudanese university, South Sudanese citizens are eligible to apply for scholarships within our In-Country/ In-Region scholarship program.

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